Lympho – Tonic Lotion for the Body

Increases microcirculation to assist the body to breakdown any fatty excesses, to assist better digestion and elimination, to quench sugar over indulgence and to speed up slow metabolism.  It is also the solution for concerns relating to poor blood circulation eg. cellulite, fluid retention, heavy legs & spider veins

Vasco Artera – Orange Skin Body Cream

The quintessential of a body cream to effectively combat cellulite, by enabling a better micro-circulation thus making your legs feel lighter. Its draining effects result in the elimination of the dead cells of the resistant areas, with the concomitant elimination of cellulite, leaving you with a smooth and attractive figure.  

Veinulo Spécial + – Cellular Stimulant

A cellular stimulant that restructures the walls of the blood capillaries and veins.  Excellent for treating legs with unpleasant vascular problems.

Adipo Gasta

An intensive care against cellulite. 
 Formulated to improve the cutaneous microcirculation, tone and smooth the skin tissues.  Active Ingredients rich in proteins & Vitamins penetrate the skin very rapidly.  The effect of the product is instantaneous, making lower limbs and heavy legs lighter.

Anti-Stries – Bust & Body Cream

Preventing and healing cream for dissensions of the skin’s tissues.  With incredible nourishing powers it enables a better synthesis of collagenase enzymes.  Resulting in production of collagen and elastin to ensure the the elasticity and restructuring of the damaged tissues


Many different factors will weaken your skin’s tone.  It is therefore essential to preserve cutaneous firmness by reinforcing elasticity.  Somito works to prevent sagging skin and stimulates epidermal vitality.

Perfect Body – Shaping Cream

Ideal for all women in a hurry!  The Perfect Body Cream is an ‘all-in-one” cream designed to eliminate toxins, relieve heavy legs, refine the figure and tone up the tissues.  The body is gradually reshaped.

Lait Corps Douceur – Smoothing Body Milk

This body milk wraps your skin in silky soft after a bath or shower and gives you a delicious sensation of freshness and well-being.  It provides your skin with comfort, suppleness and softness.

Huile de Massage – Grape Seed Oil

This precious massage oil has the power to release muscular and nervous tension.  Made with a grape seed base, as well as rosemary and lavender extracts, this product leaves your skin relaxed, nourished and sublimely scented.

Confort Corps Marine

Marine Body Comfort Gel
Anti-cellulite action based on marine extracts. Decongestant gel that improves the appearance of ‘orange peel skin’. Allows better circulation, drains cellulite and helps to eliminate toxins

Beauté Corps Marine

Its numerous slimming and firming active ingredients help to regain a slender and toned figure reducing fat deposits under the skin and fighting against cellular ageing.  It is the equivalent of Adipo Gasta.

Beauté Corps Marine

Macadamia Oil regenerates the cells membranes, restructures the skin tissues and protects the skin.  Anti-oxidizing, nourishing, calming properties, it is suitable for all skin types including the sensitive ones.  Anti-stress and energizing actions. 

Beauté Corps Marine

Relaxing bath salts with essential oil.  Remineralizing with an anti-stress and detoxifying effect on the body.  Pure luxury!

Vital Transfer Body Cream

A skillfully dosed treatment with high performing active ingredients based on phytoestrogens synergy.  These isoflavons relaunch the mechanisms of action by using cellular estrogen receptors.  As true stimulators of youth in the menopausal period, they provide supplementary essential elements to each skin layer for optimal functioning.