Throughout its life, the woman’s hormones fluctuate. From adolescence to menopause through the procreation, the body produces, the skin suffers. Add to this the external disturbances brought by contraception, stress or different diets. As a mirror, your skin thus expresses locally your internal anomalies. Buttons, stretch marks, premenstrual syndromes, all hormonal causes can be regulated or soothed from the first treatment. Do not ignore your neckline and the curve of your bust. A deep treatment is a global treatment.

Seino – Tonic lotion for the Bust

Composed of plants rich in tonic virtues, it revitalizes and strengthens the bust support tissues and prepares them for the application of specific beauty care creams.
Delicately scented this lotion will be essential for the daily care of the bust.

Macro 2000

The bust care and bust balance are linked together with the overall good health of woman physiological system. This cream strengthens the bust support fibers, strongly affected by the female cycle, and especially during pregnancy and weight changes.  Improves elasticity

Endo Spécial + – Bust Cells Booster

Specifically for the bust tissue.  This booster helps to balance and firm up the bust and enhances the effect of other bust care products