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Slowing down the ageing process, rejuvenate and staying young!

All this is no longer a dream it's a reality

Which woman, no matter what age, has not dreamt of preserving or restoring the youthfulness of her face?  Bringing continuous innovation for more than 40 years, the skin care specialists of GERnétic International Laboratories have developed a line of 3 times-less products.  After many years of research, we finally created the solution to fight with high efficiency against cutaneous ageing of the facial skin

La Crème Jeuness
The Youth Cream

Youthfulness is not only a matter of a pleasant physical appearance, but also a reflection of a deeply positive state of mind.  When beauty and ethics are combined, our chances at achieving success in life are multiplied.  The GERnétic International laboratories have developed The Youth Cream.  This special cream includes an intense biological power which your facial skin will appreciate to the full.  Enjoy its health-promoting benefits that will become everyone’s envy!

Le Concentré Réparateur
The Repairing Serum for a true skin rejuvenation

In a quest for the latest biotechnological discoveries and in order to ensure your satisfaction, Laboratoires GERNÉTIC Int. have conducted countless tests on new NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS. LE CONCENTRÉ RÉPARATEUR by GERNÉTIC is a highly effective product designed to prevent, slow down and reverse the process of ageing. 

La Crème Anti-Temps

Regenerating Face Cream
Time Defying Cream is a genuine regenerator of facial tissue. 
A source of essential nutrients, the cream provides deep-down action to fight against the aging process by stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen. 
Boasting soothing and desensitizing benefits, it is particularly recommended for sensitive and fragile skin. 
Average 110% increase in the skin’s consumption of oxygen. 
Reinforces cutaneous vitality, procuring natural fatigue eliminating benefits