Cream with tensor effect for the face.  Anti-ageing

Key Ingredients

Borage oil, rich in linoleic acid and y-linolenic acid and vitamins A, D, E, oil with regenerative, firming and restructuring properties.

Chondroitin sulfate as mucopolysaccharides glycoaminoglycans that participates directly to dermal architecture and mechanical properties.  Dermal restructuring power, promotes neosynthesis of collagen and elastin as well as that of proteins; stimulation of cell growth of fibroblasts.  Reduces skin sensitivity with soothing and desentizing effect.

Ologopeptide stimulating collagen synthesis
An extract of marine microorganism – Thermus thermophilus, from the depths of the sea (-4000 meters), very effective against oxidative attacks to the skin and protection against infrared rays

Sunscreen for a perfect day cream

Benefits of Key Ingredients
  1. Procures a genuine biological lifting effect.
  2. A source of moisture and cellular repair factors.
  3. Attenuates lines by reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum and by retaining moisture.
  4. Enhances skin defence mechanisms.
  5. Anti free radicals, calming and regenerating.
  6. Slows down and reverses the ageing process caused by UVA and UVB damage.
  7. Enzymatic elimination of intra-cellular oxygen peroxide.
  8. Boosts cellular renewal of epidermis cells.
  9. Reinforces cutaneous vitality.
  10. Soothing and desensitizing benefits.

Skin Conditions

Suitable for all skin types.  Particularly adapted for aged, demineralized and dehydrated skins, with fine lines, wrinkles and sagging tissues.

Usage Instructions

Daily, preferably in the morning.
Apply in small quantities by massaging gently, all over the face, emphasizing on the fine lines and wrinkles, until completely absorbed.