Ger Lift 
Cream with tensor effect

Firming cream, easily and quickly absorbed, lasting with spectacular effects.  It makes your skin smooth and supple while giving it all its radiance back.  It stimulates the growth of the extra-cellular matrix

Nettoyant Gommant Marine
Marine gumming cleansing

This cleansing and exfoliating gel for face and body ensures a thorough removal of make-up traces as well as a deep pore cleansing while erasing dead skin cells.  Leaves the skin extremely soft and smooth

Base de Jour Marine
Marine day base

This day cream and make-up base is easily absorbed and contains a sun filter.  With its revitalising effect, it stimulates the cell renewal throughout the day.  It doesn’t leave any residue

Masque Marine
Marine Mask

This versatile cream mask has soothing, toning, remineralising and regenerative properties.  Created for ageing skins with wrinkles or lines, sagging tissues as well as demineralised and dehydrated skins