Over time your skin works less efficiently and requires more time to eliminate dead skin cells.  Your skin complexion becomes dull and small imperfections can appear.  Make-up removing skin care alone is not enough to fight against this phenomenon of asphyxiated facial skin.  This is why we created gentle exfoliant scrubs that give immediate radiance by restoring your skin for a fresh and luminous complexion.

Lotion aux Acides de Fleurs
Soft Peeling for the face

A lotion of a new generation, containing very efficient flower acids. The alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) improve cell renewal, by inducing a pleasant peeling, very effective without irritating the skin.
At the correct concentration alpha-hydroxy acids will:
– improve cell renewal
– soften and lighten the skin
– lift the skin
– restore elasticity of the epidermis

Ger Peel
Face and Body Scrub

Its innovative active ingredients stimulate cellular dynamic and restore radiance by effectively eliminating dead skin cells resulting in a younger looking skin. Your skin complexion becomes ore luminous and thoroughly deep-cleansed