Tropo Plus


Light textured day cream SPF 5.

Tropo Plus is an excellent make-up base protection, suitable for skins with a tendency to be dry.

Key Ingredients

Phytostimulines obtained from camomile, allantoin and wheat germ.
Biological extracts.
Fatty acid ester from sweet almond.
Sun filter (SPF 5).

Benefits of Key Ingredients
  1. Prevent allergic reactions to some make-ups.
  2. Restore and regulate skin functions.
  3. Protect against pollution.
  4. Give a matt finish.
  5. Soothing and anti-inflammatory.
  6. Light sun protection.

Skin Conditions

Suitable for persons under 30 years of age whose skin has a tendency to be dry and sensitive.


Tropo Plus protects against pollution and prevents allergic reactions to some make-ups.

It regulates skin functions.

Usage Instructions


In the morning, Tropo Plus can be used by itself or after your specific creams.

Apply a small amount to the whole face and eye and neck areas.

Follow with your make-up if desired.